Lapa Spine Center

Commencing activity in August 2013, the Lapa column center is currently considered a European reference center for minimally invasive treatment of herniated discs by highly evolved, advanced and innovative techniques, and at your service an experienced and prestigious medical team, led by Dr. Pedro Nunnes. It has ultra-modern technology and in an environment of great comfort, it offers to its users minimally invasive treatments of several pathologies that reach the spine, standing out the treatment "non-surgical" and minimally invasive of hernias of intervertebral discs.

In this center you will find a team of professional excellence to provide you the necessary health care, consisting of doctors, nurses, technical diagnostic and therapeutic, administrative and medical assistants.

Clinical Director and Leader of Intervention Team
Dr. Pedro Nunnes

The Lapa Coluna Center is an important landmark in private health in the North of the country. It has a clinic center of excellence in the Greater Porto metropolitan area, offering health care according to the most demanding clinical, technological and comfort standards.

To provide personalized and excellent health care according to best practices, excellent technologies and the most recent and proven scientific evolution in the prevention, diagnosis and clinical treatment of the disease, based on obtaining favorable clinical results, in relation to the defined goals and objectives.
A model of providing care based on the continuous search for solutions to meet their customers' needs, both in the institutional environment as an outpatient and at home

The Lapa Center aims to build a private network, assuming itself as a center of national and European reference for the treatment of pathologies that affect the spine, acting in the area of Health and Welfare.

As market leaders in the provision of health care, are committed to the guiding principles of sustainable development and believe that the practical knowledge and enough accumulated experience will allow to increase the value creation and satisfaction of customers, employees and third parties with whom we collaborate in the exercise of its activity.

  • Respect, loyalty and confidentiality
  • Positive attitude and honesty
  • Continuous improvement
  • Constant learning
  • Compliance with defined results
  • Employee motivation
  • Team spirit

The Lapa Spine Center in Media

"Chama-se nucleoplastia por plasma, ou plasma light, e é uma técnica inovadora em Portugal que permite tratar as hérnias dos discos. Através de um filamento fino de fibra ótica é conduzida uma fonte térmica de plasma, que é aplicada numa localização muito precisa do disco, sob controlo imagiológico, sem lesão das estruturas perivertebrais e nervosas adjacentes. Ao aliviar a tensão sobre os nervos, tira também a dor. A técnica já está a ser aplicada desde outubro no Centro da Coluna da Lapa, a funcionar no Hospital da Lapa, no Porto. Pode ser aplicada nas hérnias dos discos "contidas" (não extrusas), que representam cerca de 70% de todas as hérnias. No entanto, nem todos são candidatos a esta inovadora técnica..."
Técnica permite tratar hérnias discais com fibra ótica, Centro da Coluna da Lapa, Porto
"This treatment may be performed in patients with complaints of pain in the column (with or without irradiation to the arm or leg), no improvement over time, with poor response to drug treatment, and also those which have already been operated. Patients are hospitalized for a day, recover more quickly and do not need general anesthesia or remove the disc (flexible structure, located between the vertebral bodies, which acts as a protective cushion, allowing the movements), as in conventional surgery. According to several published studies, the success rate ranges from 75% to 80%. And it does not stop the surgery, if it's really necessary. "
Mistura de ozono trata hérnia discal, Centro da Coluna da Lapa, Porto
"In the context of World Column Day, marked on October 16, the Lapa Hospital in Porto will inaugurate the Lapa Center. It is a unit specialized in non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures of several pathologies that spine, such as intervertebral disc hernias, vertebral fractures, and vertebral arthroses. "
Hospital da Lapa abre novo Centro da Coluna, Porto
"She discovered a herniated disc in the spine and was unexpectedly paralyzed. Both legs did not move. She had surgery. The operation did not go well. Ana Sofia had been a victim of negligence. She went to many medical boards and was given a very high permanent disability. One of the legs did not move and the pain were brutal. Life had been transformed, still only 30 years old. She was without work and was compensated by the hospital for the medical error. With this money he sought solutions, dozens of them, in everything that can be imagined and not imagined. Everyone told she that the only solution was to take morphine all her life. "
Dores nas costas, Centro da Coluna da Lapa, Porto
"It is estimated that about 85 percent of the world's population, at least once in their lifetime, have complaints of spinal-related pain. Most of the time, it is sufficiently intense and disabling, with great interference with quality of life and ability to work. The potential causes of "back pain" are diverse. However, in the vast majority of cases, pain is secondary to disc disease (classified in the medical nomenclature by "protrusions", "procidences" or "hernias"), especially in the lumbar and cervical segments of the spine. The generic solution to this problem has been the use of surgery. "
Tratar a Dor nas Costas, Centro da Coluna da Lapa, Porto
Dr. Pedro Nunnes, Centro da Coluna da Lapa, Porto
Dr. Pedro Nunnes
Director and Leader of Intervention Team of the Lapa Spine Center
Degree in Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra

General Medical Internship by the Hospital Center of Coimbra and Hospital Center of Funchal, Madeira. General medical formation.

Diagnostic & Intervention Neuroradiology Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore (USA). Specialization in diagnostic Neuroradiology and vascular and spinel intervention.
Neuroradiology Intervention Hospital Antonio Cardarelli, Naples (Italy), specialization in minimally invasive techniques in the spine and vascular.

Interventional Neuroradiology by Ernst Von Bergmann Klinkum, Potsdam (Germany). Specialization in minimally invasive intervention techniques in the spine and vascular.

Complementary Medical Internship of Neuroradiology by the Hospital Center of Porto - Hospital Santo António. Specific formation in diagnostic and intervention Neuroradiology.